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Whilst we deal with the compliance aspect of Accounts and Taxation we also offer a tailor made service to our business clients whereby we assist them with the day-to-day running of things.

This may take the form of the following:

maintenance of the sales ledger - for some clients we organise their sales by issuing sales invoices, statements and following up with telephone calls to their customers as polite reminders, if necessary;

maintenance of the purchase ledger - for others we manage their purchase ledger which involves letting clients know who needs paying and when;  

management of the business bank account - we have access to bank accounts, where appropriate so that we can help clients manage their bank balance.  We are also able to offer the facility of being signatory on client’s bank accounts which can remove the burden from those larger clients whose time may be better spent on their business rather than writing out and signing cheques whilst having the security of knowing that their money will be taken care of in a responsible manner.

The above are services which we believe actually make us useful to a business.  They can help clients in making important decisions as they have a qualified person involved in their business in an intimate way.  Trust is the key element and we have many years’ of experience of dealing with businesses in this way, building solid, long lasting relationships.

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